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◊◊◊ What is the "7 Day Deal" Promotion ???
Beginning on Sundays, at 12:01 AM thru the following Sunday, at 12:00 midnight, select items are "specially priced" during this period.

We have set up a special "7 Day Deal" Category within our Store. The items that are listed in this Category are included in the Promotion. Also, look for the "- 7dd" at the end of an items title. This indicates the item is included in the Promotion.

Because of the "special pricing" in effect during this promotion, the "Discount Deal" cannot be used in conjunction with this offer.

Only orders received within the time limits stated above will be accepted (the time and date stamp that accompanies every order will be used to determine eligibility).


◊◊◊ What is the DISCOUNT DEAL all about ???
Our "Discount Deal" is ANOTHER way to save you money! And, the GOOD NEWS... EVERY item in our store qualifies — DVDs, TV Seasons, Boxed Sets and Collections — nothing is held back!

Even the "heavyweights" in the business DON'T offer a discount like this!

By making your purchases in groups of 3, groups of 5, or a combination of the two, you can save up to 35% off the total cost of your order.

How the "Discount Deal" Pricing is laid out:

Purchase 3 movies/seasons — SAVE 25 % !
Purchase 5 movies/seasons — SAVE 35 % !

The discount applies to groups of (3), or (5), ONLY. You will be given the best possible discount on purchases that can be grouped accordingly!

(A) You purchase (4) qualifying items = 3 items (less 25%) + 1 item, at listed price.
(B) You purchase (8) qualifying items = 5 items (less 35%) + 3 items (less 25%).
(C) You purchase (7) qualifying items = 5 items (less 35%) + 2 items, at listed price.

To get the best possible discount... make your purchases in groups of 3, groups of 5, or a combination of the two!

••• The discount will be applied to groups of items (if applicable), in the order they are received.
••• Movies must be purchased simultaneously, and ship to the same address. Orders that do not fully comply with this step will be refused and/or cancelled.
••• GOOGLE Checkout:
The total purchase price will be "adjusted and/or refunded" BY US to reflect your SAVINGS at time of shipment.

That's how the "Discount Deal" works — simple, straight forward, and ships "right to your door" FREE!


We want your buying experience to be fair, honest and satisfying.

GOT A PROBLEM WITH YOUR PURCHASE? Contact us! We are here for YOU, the customer who is supporting us, and patronizing us — the customer who is spending hard-earned money buying our stuff!

So... let us help if you've got a problem. It's pretty straight forward, but there are instructions to follow and details below.

CONTACT US VIA E-MAIL "ONLY": Phone calls concerning claims will NOT be considered adequate documentation for filing a claim. Forward the details to the e-mail address below. This creates "physical, hard-copy" documentation of your claim and any correspondence between us concerning your claim.


VERY IMPORTANT WHEN RETURNING ITEMS: Return postage cost will be paid by customer. Defective and/or Not as Advertised items MUST be returned to us for inspection and verification purposes. Use "great care" when returning items! Items must be returned to us "complete, as shipped", for your claim to be valid. This includes (all that apply): the flip-boxe(s)/case(s), cover artwork, other artwork, insert(s), booklet(s), slip-covers, and any thing else that was shipped to you as part of your purchase. If, upon inspection, we discover article(s) are missing, you will be contacted and given a chance to forward the missing article(s) to advance your claim. Failure to do so will render your claim "null and void", and no refunds can be offered. Items must be returned to us via U.S. POSTAL "MEDIA MAIL" (with delivery confirmation).

INSPECTION and/or TESTING OF RETURNED ITEMS: Returned items will be watched "completely through" using standard DVD equipment. All articles will be inspected and compared with "as advertised" language to determine accuracy and truthfulness.

If it is determined a defect exists, and/or an item was advertised in an improper, or misleading way, your claim will be honored as indicated:

* 100% refund of full purchase price, plus 100% of your return postage (following the instructions above).

REMEDY FOR UNPROVEN and/or INACCURATE CLAIMS: We will inform you of our results. You may then decide to have your items returned to you for the price of postage. NO ITEM(S) will be returned without your approval and authorization under these terms.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES FOR MULTIPLE PURCHASES: These are "groups" of items (those available via the "Discount Deal"). If a "defect" is discovered, and/or you believe an item was "not as advertised", ALL items purchased must be returned as a "group"—just as they were shipped—following all previous instructions above.

A HAPPY ENDING (hopefully!): Yeah, it's a little deep, but basically it comes down to common sense — send it back (everything we sent you); if it's broke/inaccurate, we'll take it back (and give you a 100% refund+shipping); if it's not, we'll send it back (and all you pay is shipping)!

We ARE here for "YOU" (it's not the other way around!).

Good luck, and happy Movie hunting!

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